Monday, May 3, 2021

(Minimal) Austrian Progress

 To keep me pushing on, I decided to post where I've gotten to since last time. In short: not far!

Everyone now has both hands painted and the helmets as well. I originally mixed  shade that matched the Isonzo braun examples i found online, but then realized I'd have to mix enough for all of my Austrians and promptly went with a shade of Vallejo brown green (or is it green brown?) that I had on hand.

I won't even attempt to make a guess as to when these will be finished. Maybe this month?


  1. Just a thought, John. Some collectors of toy soldiers paint their collection in the traditional style, red cheeks, etc. I started off with wargame miniatures 25mm, and then returned to toy soldiers. But I have stuck with using a wash/ink for the facial detail, which is my preference. You might also enjoy using such on your figures, its so quick and easy (the sweep of a brush) and brings out the casting detail. You can also get grey and other colours for coat shading. But having gone over to 54mm, I do like my larger scale figures to have a gloss varnish, and not just for protection. Those Austrians are already looking good!

  2. Looking very good. Is there a game planned?

  3. They are looking great John! I like the helmet color!