Tuesday, December 5, 2017

One Hour Wargames: Scenario 10 : Late Arrivals

The Prince of Redsylvania, having failed to stop the Kingdom of Mavi's advance ordered a stand against the invaders outside of the village of Sătesc. Unfortunately, ready troops were in short supply and so the Prince found himself hoping reinforcements would arrive in time to repel the the enemy.

For the second scenario, in what is a very low key campaign, using one of the methods suggested by Neil Thomas in One Hour Wargames, I diced between scenarios 7 through 12 in the same book. A roll of the d6 resulted in 4: Scenario 10: Late Arrivals

The orders of battle were as follows:
  • Kingdom of Mavi - 4 Knights, 1 Levies, 1 Men-at-Arms
  • Redsylvania - 4 Knights, 1 Archers, 1 Men-at-Arms
For the sake of continuity, I changed the compass direction (treating the N as an S) given on the map and description for Scenario 10, deciding that it made more sense if the village was at the north end of the map to reflect the northward movement of the Kingdom of Mavi from the previous game.

All is quiet. Too quiet.
Redsylvania, confusingly the blue army in this scenario, deployed their archers and men-at-arms per the initial deployment rules for the scenario. The units were chosen by die roll and probably would not have been my first choice.  Also, because they had lost the previous scenario, one of the Redsylvanian units would start with 1d3 damage. This was again determined by die roll and would be their 6th unit to arrive on the table (one of the Knight units).

Finally, to prevent me from devolving into a constant changing of plans turn to turn, i decided orders were required for each side, beyond the objective of the scenario. I created three possible strategic plans for each and diced between them. These, to the extent possible, guided the movement and turn to turn tactical decisions for the units.


The archers reconsider their career choice.
Redsylvanian men-at-arms prepare to meet the charging Mavi knights
Redsylvanian reenforcements crash into the Mavi troops!
The Mavi levies are quickly eliminated.
The same unit of Redsylvanian knights rides down a unit of Mavi knights! They would see their own defeat soon after.
The last two units of Redsylvanian knights arrive but are handily disposed of in devastating flank attacks.
Mavi men-at-arms capture Sătesc as the last of the Redsylvanian resistance dissipates.


Figures are mostly Deetail. The oversized levies are Supreme 60mm saracens. Rules used were the Medieval rules in One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas without modification.


  1. I'm enjoying your Medieval games a lot John, and thanks for sharing the Campaign mechanics - I'm interested in these as I'm currently planning my next Campaign. Cheers.

    1. Thank you Maudlin Jack Tar for you kind comment. For the campaign, I'm following the "alternative approach" Neil Thomas gives in chapter 21 of One Hour Wargames.

      If you don't have the book handy, it's a 5 game campaign structure where the player(s) dices between the scenarios playing one from 1-6, then 7-12, then 13-18, etc. The winner of the previous game chooses whether they are Red or Blue.

      Since I'm playing solo, my intent is to assign sides in a way that is logical with previous events. I'm not sure where the 1d3 for the losing side came from, but it seemed like a good idea!


  2. Thanks - I've got OHW so will have to give that a try. I've just played the scenarios as one off games so far.
    Carrying 1d3 of damage over is a nice idea for a campaign where you're not carefully calculating damage to individual regiments etc. Good stuff.