Thursday, November 30, 2017

To My Surprise, Painting Continues

Yesterday's lunch hour was lost to buying jumper/booster cables and refiling sheet music, but today I had some time and managed to squeeze in some painting. For those following along, I'm painting the Armies in Plastic Highlanders I acquired some time ago.

Since there's not much different about the work on this batch of four from the last, I thought I'd show how I haul my figures, paints, brushes, and water jar to and from the office instead.

The plastic tray is from one of my son's bento boxes. This one took a fall from the counter top to the tiled kitchen floor that resulted in a sizable crack to one of the corners  (not unlike how I've damaged numerous cell phones). While this allegedly made it unfit as a lunch box, it was easily re-purposed into a project tray.

The tray is fairly heavy and sturdy and doesn't move around much during the commute - although for safety's sake it rides in my son's car seat (he doesn't ride with me for my commute, so there's no conflict).

You can also see that I use craft paints primarily.I have a good number of Vallejo model paints - mostly shades of green and brown for WW2 - but not nearly as many as I have craft paint. The latter work just as well in most cases, although I do prefer Vallejo white to white craft brands.

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