Friday, March 24, 2023

More for Venus

Painting as means of dealing with grief has continued and the result is six figures added to my Venus collection.


Had to overexpose these a bit in order to see any detail.

This completes the French force (10-figure unit, 1 leader, 5 figure gun crew), although I have more figures if I choose to paint them. 

The Tanitians have two more figures primed and waiting - that will complete their ranks (and I have no more figures). However, they will eventually get some Parrot People allies, who will function as Harpies when I am playing Age of Fantasy and treating the Tanitians as Dark Elves.

I have been sketching maps and brainstorming background for Venus - world-building is something I enjoy immensely, and I find it helps quiet the mind as well.

Next up on the paint table are some WWI Austrians to bring that force up to snuff.


  1. Your latest figures are just gorgeous John, perfect additions to the ranks! I can't wait to see them all together on your tabletop!