Friday, August 5, 2016

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Never!

I was thinking about how the Morschauser rules are really enjoyable and are pretty much perfect, and then, moments later I was making tweaks. SMH.

It wasn't long before I had overcomplicated the beautiful simplicity of Morschauser adding rules for cover, morale, and a million other things. Thankfully, I stopped myself before it was too late.

But I did make one change.

My most played, if not favorite, commercial rules are GASLIGHT which, for the uninitiated, uses an activation deck to determine which unit acts when. They also limit units to moving or shooting on their card draw - but discretion, valor, and all that, I kept it to the activation deck.

My Frankenstein's monster rule set is now: Morschauser's Modern rules, with Neil Thomas's One-Hour Wargames ranges, and an activation deck for initiative.

Since I'm on vacation, I was able to set up another scenario and play.

Once again, I borrowed from Band of Brothers and once again, kept the unit count to 6 per side.

The US would enter from the left side of the map (attacker isn't really the right word) escorting armor across the table through, what turns out to be a German occupied village.

In the first play, the US force consisted of 2 tanks and 4 rifle units, while the Germans had 1 tank, 1 ATG, 1 1/2 track, 2 HMGs and 1 rifle unit. This turned out to be lopsided engagement - essentially the Germans had 3 HMGs (the 1/2 track had one). The game ended with the armor retreating off the table in a handful of turns.

A second play through with better balance was in order.

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