Sunday, August 14, 2016

OHW: Blow from the Rear

Had another opportunity to sneak some game time in on Saturday night. To keep things quick, I used a scenario from One Hour Wargames, Blow from the Rear.

For rules, I used Morschauser with ranges from OHW. I did forget to use the card activation I used last time, but that was all well and good.

The only other change I made was in the force generation. I decided that I wanted to include HMGs and half-tracks (which I treat as Morschauser scout cars). So, if the result was Mortar or ATG, i rolled a d6, 1-3, I'd use the unit specified, 4-6, HMG. For tanks, on 4-6 I'd use a half-track.

US are Red, Germans, Blue.


US: 3 units of infantry, 1 HMG, 1 tank, 1 half-track
Germany: 3 units of infantry, 1 mortar, 1 ATG, 1 HMG

Blow from the Rear

The Germans have the ford and bridge well covered.

Things were going poorly for the US - the HMG and 1 platoon were destroyed - until turn 6, when the cavalry arrived.

Some close combat later, and the Germans weren't looking so hot.

The tank unit sets its sites on driving the Germans back from the bridge.*

The US advance continues - the tanks are on the ropes. It's dangerous this close with infantry. 
Not pictured: The tank unit overruns the platoon to its front, and then the German PAK 40s unleash fury.

It wasn't until turn 14 that the US cleared the Germans from within 6" of the ford and bridge and victory was assured. Although the cost was high.

The US captures the gun and drives off the remaining German mortars to claim victory.

Figures used:
US: W. Britain, TSSD
Germany: Airfix, Matchbox, CTS, 21st Century? (the gun crew)

*I didn't realize that in Morschauser, units in the river crossing a ford can't fire. Next time, I'll remember that.

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