Tuesday, August 16, 2016

WWII Small-Squad Skirmish!

Inevitably, when you tell people you use 54mm figures, they think you play small skirmishes with no more than a handful of figures. 

Sure. Sometimes.

But, for me, it had been a long while, until last Friday, that is, when I decided to play a scenario from Britton Publisher's Solitaire Soldiers.

In this one, a German HMG team (6 figures) and a security team (4 figures) are in a village - they've been tracking your approach and open fire.

I wanted a pulpy game, not realism, so for my squad, I went with the venerable Team BBC (Cpl. Hardcastle, Lance Cpl. Deacon, Pvt. Peacock) and for rules, I chose G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.

Hardcastle is a Hero (Duh!) (he had 2 skills but I never used them), Deacon is a Leader (with Luck) and Peacock is a Veteran (I forget what skill he had and can't read my notes). I gave them Hit Points, 3 for Hardcastle, 2 for Deacon, 1 for Peacock. All are unattached and activated individually, while the HMG team are activated as a whole, as are German security team.

Dice indicate possible enemy location.

Team BBC mugs for the camera.

Dastardly HMG team with more dastardly NCO.
Hardcastle and Peacock make it to cover, but under fire from their left (security team in house).
Deacon is not so lucky. So much for that skill.

Guns blazing!

Hardcastle charges the enemy position dodging bullets (mostly successfully).

In brutal hand-to-hand, Hardcastle takes out the entire HMG team. The security team ended up skulking off of the table in light of his valiant display.
Custard tarts for all!

It was fun, although it took nearly longer to set up than play. I'm not as into small squad skirmish games as I once was, but for what it was, it was a good use of a late night hour.

Figures are a mix of W. Britain, Conte, Airfix, Matchbox, and CTS

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