Friday, June 16, 2017

Morschauser Modern: American and German forces clash at Hook's Farm!

Both sides descend on Hook's Farm, cottage, and the Firefly Church in equal measure.

American tanks coordinate their firing effectively and manage to bring down one of the German behemoths. 

Meanwhile, across the field of battle, an American tank drives back the opposing German armor. German infantry storms the church unopposed.

The farm is easily taken without a shot fired by a US platoon with a gun in support. So, too, goes the cottage.

German forces continue to hold the church and their armor mounts attacks on the Americans in the cottage, while a German squad(bottom right-ish) rushes to the aid of the HMG team pinned down in some ruins.

Having repelled an American infantry assault on the church in a vicious melee, the Germans focus their efforts on the isolated American tank.

box of dice? no no. it's a monolith.
Under fire from the church and from armor to their front, an American infantry bravely withstands it all from the disintegrating walls of the cottage. With their anti-tank grenades they eliminate a 2nd piece of German armor.

An aerial view shows the disposition of the forces, with most infantry in cover. Note that the tan k on the American right has taken out some of the infantry that had been harassing it. A frantic commander orders the tank crew turn its focus to the church to assist the gun team and infantry squads in clearing out the pesky Germans.

The American left begins to sweep one of its tanks and a gun around to the German right flank. The Germans respond in a desperate attempt to stave off defeat.

Suddenly finding itself in the sites of the German Jagdpanther, the Sherman on the hill retreats for safety.

With the American squads in the cottage and behind the stone wall eliminated, the Germans try to press home their assault on their left - focusing on the isolated tank - in an attempt to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

Furious shelling from a gun and a Sherman take out the Jagdpanther. It is the deathblow for the German attack force.

Having suffered 50% losses, the German commander orders his troops to fall back.

Total turns: 7

*** Some notes that probably belonged on the last post ***

Initiative was card based - borrowing from a method used in old Two Hour Wargames rules. If the suits match, that side goes first. If the suits don't match, higher card goes first.

The ATG/field howitzers and mortars rained down their terror with impunity.

Melee with the roster system is 'interesting'.

Tanks are Solido and Rocco(?). Guns are CTS and Britains. Figures are Britains, Toy Soldiers of San Diego, Matchbox, 21st Century, and Airfix.


  1. That worked. It once again shows that the eye and mind adjusts to big figures on small battlefields.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ross! I wish I had known the eye and mind adjusted so easily - it is doubtful I would have ever left the big figures in search of some idealized smaller scale!

  2. You beat me to it for sure. I am still mulling over what to do about buildings for this scenario. I have most of the necessary toys, but I think I get more pleasure in the preparation of the game than playing it! Your methods of generating the sides are clever...this would be perfect for replaying the battle much in the style of 'Duffers Drift'.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for commenting! I must admit that while I enjoy the preparation process, until recently, I've been of the mind that I'd rather game than build or paint. However, somehow now find myself knee deep in two new projects requiring painting and prep so perhaps my mind is changing!

  3. I am impressed by the good use you are able to make of a limited playing area. That is something I have been exercising my mind over for quite a while now!

    1. Thank you! To give credit where credit is due, everything I do in my games is borrowed from or owes a debt to Morschauser, Ross Mac, Bob Cordery, and, lately, Neil Thomas's ideas from One Hour Wargames.