Monday, June 12, 2017

Send in the Cavalry!

As mentioned previously, my war camels aren't needed in my One Hour Wargames Saracen force (I already have 4 bases of "knights") but I thought they, along with the unused foot soldiers would make a good skirmish force, of use in medieval, fantasy, and VSF games.

Unfortunately, the bases on all but 2 of the 12 camels were wonky as all get out - meaning any attempt to stand all but two of them was a failure.

Enter boiling water. A quick dip softened the bases and camel legs enough that I could shape them into upright camels of the finest sort.

Since they will likely be pitted against my pseudo-British force, I thought a picture was in order. It has the added bonuses of showing off my lancers again, as well as indicating the substantial differences between roughly 1/30 scale and nominally 1/32 scale figures (which seem more like 1/35 to my eyes):

"Tally hoooooo cr*p!"

In addition, I managed to put paint to my AIP Highlanders, but they have a way to go yet.

I also managed to play a game on Sunday night: a WW2 Battle of Hook's Farm. A report to follow later in the week as time allows.

"Two armies lay opposite and ready"


  1. Now that's a stereotype, the plucky little British facing up to the BIG burly natives!

    (If you put a 1:35th fig up against the Britain's the difference will be clear but many if not most new toy soldiers are creeping up to 56mm rather than 54mm but its the bulk rather than the height that annoys me..

    1. I should try that comparison if only to feel a little better about the apparent diminutive stature of the lancers (who make up for it with tenacity and courage, of course!)

      It seems to be the same way in all figure scales doesn't it? 15mm creeps towards 18mm, along with added girth, 6mm approaches 8mm, and again they fatten up in disproportion. Nevermind the "28mm" figures that have worked their way well into the cartoonish chunkier/husky 30mm+ sizes. Why can't we have more natural dimensions to our figures? Perhaps it is a conspiracy of the pigment makers to get us to use more paint per figure! :D