Tuesday, June 6, 2017

VSF Project Begins

The first troops of my Victorian Science Fiction project in 1/32 have arrived!

I split the difference and decided to purchase Britain's set 8806 (from Ebay at a steal of a price) and use AIP Highlanders (although, of course, some 5188 sets have appeared at reasonable prices now).

Yes, the flag thing on the lance is upside down. I was too excited by their arrival to rotate it. The guns are firing Britain's models and are for my WW2 games. Pretend they aren't in the picture.
I don't think I've ever been as excited by any figures as I am by the set of lancers. They feel like proper toy soldiers, if you will - heroes of another age, full of lead and derring-do .

Here we see the first unit of 10 Highlanders mustering for basic training. Uniforms will be doled out as time permits.
The glue is intentionally sloppily applied at this stage. I swear.
I'm am as undecided on the color of their coats as I am the name of these fictitious units and their fictitious country.

Possibilities, unsurprising if you have read any of my WW2 blogs entries, revolve around characters from As Time Goes By, Are You Being Served?, and Keeping Up Appearances. So we have things like the Queens Own Fighting Pargetters, the Hardcastle Highlanders, The Hyacinth Bucket Brigade (pronounced 'bouquet brigade'if you please), etc. running about my brain.

If the Brits or Scots had a suitably named wine, this would be a lot easier (see my Riesling and Sauvingnon-Blanc forces, for example).


  1. Consider yourself followed. They look great! (I had that BAT too)

  2. There is no denying the thrill of a set of Britain's Lancers. Well done! (Actually I was "this" close to bidding on a similar (the same??) set a couple of weeks ago.

    As for the regimental names, you could always go for brands of Scotch....

    1. Given the pricing on these sets ordinarily, I suspect it was the same one! Now that I've held them in my hands, it's all I can do to keep from buying Britains Highlanders. I keep telling myself that Armies in Plastic figures make more economic sense (true enough) and more rewarding as I'll paint them myself (I don't believe this one bit!).

      As Brian noted below, brands of scotch is inspired!

      Thanks for stopping in!


  3. Brands of scotch is inspired! i like the "Glenfiddich Fusileers" and perhaps brands of port for the cavalry: "Blandy's Horse" or "Pimms Own Lancers". Very nice figures.

    1. Agreed on the scotch and may I commend the port suggestion for cavalry!