Monday, November 20, 2017

A Noticeable Improvement

Thanks to those who commented on my last post.

Today at lunch I took the opportunity to cover the straps in white and eliminate the black lining attempt. Here are two of our stalwart soldiers (the other two are not presentable - I slop the white on and then cut in with the tunic color).

Aside from how visible the horrible job i did trying to clean the flash off these figures (i would have been better off leaving it), is in these pictures,  i think the straps and bags look immeasurably better than in the previous post and much closer to what i had in mind.

It took the entirety of my lunch to get them to this state, so I will probably finish tomorrow out with the other two. With some time during the upcoming long Thanksgiving weekend (I'm in the US) and a few lunch hours, I hope to get this unit of 10 figures completed before December arrives.

Oh and I forgot to mention before, but these are Armies in Plastic - but you probably already knew that!


  1. Well, I like 'em better! Luckily its not a race to get them painted so you can enjoy the process before enjoying them in action.

    Gloss varnish? or Satin? or even Matte.

    1. Good point about not being a race. I have a colonial VSF collection in 15mm that I can scratch this particular genre itch with in the meantime. And, I've certainly taken longer to get troops painted and on the table (i mean not 19 years or anything :) ).

      I will be going with gloss - part of my quest for a more toy soldier appearance.