Sunday, July 18, 2021

Operation Citadel-ish

In the mood for getting some kind of game on the table, I flipped, well, scrolled, through, my copy of One Hour Wargames and realized I could treat scenario 8: Melee as a suitable substitute for Grossdeutschland's attack on Cherkasskoye in July, 1943.

Regular readers may recall that I fought this battle as part of a campaign last year.

Panzer and Tiger units from GD advance in front of PzGrenadiers.

Elements of Soviet 199th Guard Rifle Regiment protect the hill, while others advance to meet the fascist invaders.

GD Panzer IVs were completely destroyed but GD recon unit and additional PzGrenadiers arrive to press the attack.

Two AT batteries of the 67th Guards Rifle Division reinforce what remains of the 199th.

Assault lead by Pz Grenadiers supported by recon and Tigers (off camera)

The Soviet left flank collapses under the weight of GD's advance.

Recon foolishly leads the charge to eliminate the last of the defenders.

The Soviets lose Cherkasskoye at great cost, while GD losses are minimal.

I used improvised rules based on my Division Squares: Simple WW2 Combat on a Square Grid but converted to grid-less.  The biggest changes, besides using a ruler, were that I left out leaders and artillery. 

Obviously some of the specifics of the scenario didn't match my original from last year - which I tried to base on research - the Soviets weren't dug in, there was no artillery barrage, and there was no village, but honestly, it was close enough and just as enjoyable.


  1. Looks like it was a great battle John! A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

  2. Glad you had an enjoyable game , l do like the look of it too.

  3. Great to see the toys out again. My gaming is moribund due to Summer chores and a modeling kick, but soon…soon…

    1. I just wish I had gone down the 54mm route for my desert set up. Maybe I still will when I get time..Ha!

    2. Thanks, Steve! It was fun to get them out again. Summer chores don't sound fun but modeling certainly does.

      I have long wanted to do the desert in 6mm for a portable game (not necessarily The Portable Wargame, but perhaps that too), although I think commando raids a la The Desert Rats would be great fun in 54mm.

  4. Another good looking game with 'the big' boys. I gave mine a whirl a couple of months back. Using a figure to a platoon. I was pretty happy with the result. Always love those Airfix 1/32 (ably filled out with Classic Toy Soldier figures and vehicles).
    Regards, James